Newly hooked surfers will find themselves seeking as many opportunities to get in the water as possible but can often benefit from expert guidance and further education. Most intermediate surfers look for continued development and are driven to move forward and expand their personal surfing abilities. CoreysWave offers instruction for those interested in becoming more versatile, competent and consistent surfers, and has the knowledge to help you ride bigger waves, cross-step to the nose, and pull off more critical turns.



Consider a surf trip with CoreysWave to a spot with different waves and new challenges to accelerate your surfing development exponentially. CoreysWave understands the mental and physical limitations new surfers face in getting better and are masterful in helping students push past their comfort zones while providing a safe learning environment.


Whether you want to learn how to trim down the line or get into tube riding, the instructors at CoreysWave can walk you through every step while focusing on technique and making recommendations toward lasting improvement.


Photo and video feedback and analysis included.


Surf contests are fun and exciting, especially for kids, and CoreysWave specializes in training young surfers to compete at a professional level. Training consists of extensive coaching in all ranges of surf conditions, wave selection and analysis, contest strategy and approach, paddling stamina, stretching, mock heats, and time and stress management. It is an exclusive program for those who want to improve their competitive performance and other advanced skills for contest level surfing.


Photo and video feedback and analysis included.


Getting a surf coach is the next step for a young surfer to further a career in surfing. A professional surfer today has to be a trained athlete and an all-around waterman as well. An expert surf coach will help improve a surfer's performance and fitness ability to foster the development of a surfer who possesses the control to execute the critical maneuvers that separate the pros from the amateurs. The dominant parts of surf coaching involve wave analysis and selection, assessment of unexpected wave changes and quick decision-making, surfboard and fin setup selection, and extensive competition training. Critical turns, above the lip maneuvers, white water control, forehand and backhand confidence, and a variety of other skills are all elements that need to be mastered to be a professional surfer. On-land and in-water fitness training along with global surf trips will add to overall experience to yield a consistent and superior surfer capable of competing on a professional level.


Photo and video feedback and analysis included.