Long-Term Surf Training

CoreysWave's Long-Term Surf Training is our goal-based, long-term education program for dedicated surfers looking to continuously improve, develop the skills and confidence to surf independently, enhance a diverse skill base, and maintain long-term fitness. Highly recommended for a surfer who is committed to surfing and achieving higher-level proficiency. This comprehensive approach emphasizes 1:1 instruction, personal growth as a surfer, and achievement of long-term objectives. Students are able to select a dedicated CoreysWave instructor for greater continuity and faster results. Contact us to sign up or learn more about package pricing.


-       Work on and master the fundamental techniques of basic surfing

-       Learn more advanced skills, refine style, and strengthen core abilities

-       Analyze SoloShot footage together to pin point weaknesses

-       Receive vital feedback and in-depth thorough critiques

-       Target strengths and weaknesses and work on specific areas

-       Establish goals and work together to improve quickly

-       Recieve written skill assements to keep on track with established goals

-       Stay motivated to train and keep improving