• Bathing suit
    • Sun block
    • Towel
    • Change of clothes
    • Surfboard
    • Wetsuit
    • Surf booties, if necessary

Reservations must be made with a major credit card 24 hours prior to reservation appointment time, however last minute reservations will be accommodated if ... read more

CoreysWave Cancellation Policy

Reservations must be made with a major credit card 24 hours prior to reservation appointment time, however last minute reservations will be accommodated if possible. Any reservations cancelled 24 hours prior to the reserved appointment time shall not be charged to the reservation credit card. Reservations cancelled within 24 hours of the reserved appointment time will be charged to the reservation credit card unless the client presents evidence of a valid reason for cancellation of the appointment. Any such evidence will be reviewed by CoreysWave to determine whether the reservation credit card shall be charged.

Lessons begin at the scheduled time. Students who arrive to their lesson late will use the remaining time for their allotted appointment. Emergency situations are respected.

CoreysWave reserves the right to cancel lessons in the event of surf and weather conditions which, in its judgment, might pose a danger to clients. In such cases, clients' credit cards shall not be charged for the cancelled lesson. CoreysWave will cancel lessons for any conditions that are unsuitable for surf lessons, including big/rough surf, strong winds, thunder and lightning, heavy rain, rip currents, flat surf. If CoreysWave has deemed surf and weather conditions appropriate for learning on a given day, the lesson remains as scheduled.

Payment for lessons is due at the start of the lesson.


Private and Group surf lessons are designed based on the level of the individual or group, and includes teaching students everything from paddling and wave timing, to technique and safety in the water. Our CoreysWave instructors are adept at reading a student's skill level in the water, and set the tone of the lesson based on the student’s comfort and natural skill in the water. From extreme beginners to those more advanced, each lesson brings a new level of skill and confidence for the student, proving over and again to get them stoked on surfing and being in the water.


First Lesson Breakdown:

Meet on the beach and get suited up

15-20 minutes on the sand for warm up / beach instruction

70-75 minutes lesson in the water, for a standard 1.5 hour lesson



Many first-time surfers will find themselves plenty stoked and satisfied after a 1 hour surf lesson! While we recommend the standard 1.5 hours initially, many surfers do well with 1 hour of instruction. Once new surfers learn the basic fundamentals in surfing, a 1 hour surf lesson is a good strategy for working with your instructor on specific techniques going forward. 




The 1.5 hour surf lesson is our standard at CoreysWave. The first surf lesson requires time spent on land going over basic techniques, as well discussing the surf conditions that day. The “land-lesson” takes about 10-20 minutes of the lesson time (regardless of lesson length) when we are meeting a surfer for the first time. A benefit of the 1.5 hour surf lesson is that it ensures that first-time students experience an entire hour or more in the water. Once a student has had their first few surf lessons, the instructor and student will spend less time on the beach and more time in the water. 




Many of our students feel as though 1.5 hours in the ocean isn’t enough! A 2 hour surf lesson allows for ample time with your instructor and in the surf, so there is no need to rush through important topics. Many surfers enjoy a 2 hour surf session because it allows them the opportunity to thoroughly warm-up and improve throughout the surf session, and others who may not have much time to surf each week will prefer to get the most out of each surf session and soak it in for a whole 2 hours.




For those of us so stoked that 1 or 2 hours is simply not enough, take a Mega Lesson! Spend the day focusing on technique, surfing different breaks, and absorbing all that you can from our highly-skilled team! Mega Lessons are great because you have the flexibility to surf different types of waves, and take more time to focus on developing specific skills with our professional surf instructor. Expect to take a break for a drink and to reapply sunscreen, and take the opportunity to chat with your instructor, regroup, and make a new plan before you paddle back out. Depending on the surf conditions and availability, our instructors may come to your beach and can take more time to focus on developing specific skills. Come prepared with tons of questions and be ready to pick your instructor’s brain!