Within 20 minutes of being out in the water with Corey, I was up on a wave. Corey's expertise and guidance made it easy and fun. Great way to get away from my hectic life in the city. Can't wait for my next lesson! - Marc M.   New York, NY
Best surf lesson ever!...these guys make it look easy, are top-notch professionals, and will have you taming the beast in no time. - Eric Y.   New York, NY
I always wanted to surf but never knew where to begin. I found CoreysWave and immediately felt excited when I emailed Kristin about starting lessons. She was very friendly and organized. I started my lessons Memorial Day weekend excited, nervous, and not really knowing what to expect. When I got to the beach, I met Kristin, John, and some of the other friendly dudes working at CoreysWave. They provided me with a wetsuit, a board, and extra confidence which was much needed. John was my instructor and was awesome. Immediately my friends and I hit it off with him and we couldn't wait to get in the water. After learning the basic techniques and John feeling confident in our new "skills," we headed out into the water. John was helpful, reassuring, and I never once felt unsafe or uncomfortable. We got up many times (woohoo!) but as all beginners do, we also didn't get up many times...but throughout the whole lesson, John never once got frustrated with us, and only gave us more confidence to stay strong and psyched. We had the best time that day, and I have taken many lessons since. Corey, Kristin, and their team are the best out there and I wouldn't go anywhere else. - Alex J.   New York, NY
The teachers at CoreysWave are excellent. Not only did they teach me how to surf from scratch, they helped me progress with insightful technical coaching, detailed instruction in wave selection and they thoroughly helped me learn the details of surf etiquette. Besides being expert surfers themselves, they really care about their students' improvement. I recommend CoreysWave to anyone thinking of trying surfing, as well to surfers who want to work on their technical skills! - Cara V.   New York, NY
Corey and his team have been teaching our daughter and son surfing for 5 years, from the time they were 7 and 6 years old. They owe their love of surfing to the CoreysWave team, especially Corey himself and Kristen B., whom our kids proudly tell their friends is "the best girl surfer in New York". They're not only excellent surfers but supportive instructors whose enthusiasm is contagious. Our kids learned first to be comfortable and safe in the water, which is critical, and over time to develop into strong surfers. The kids were always confident in the knowledge that they had not just teachers but friends in the water with them, and as parents we could always count on CoreysWave to let us know when conditions weren't appropriate for our kids' skill level. When we moved to Manhattan Beach, California we expected that our New York kids would be behind their West Coast peers in surfing, but we found the opposite. Corey and his team prepared our daughter to compete in contests as the youngest surfer in her division. Thank you CoreysWave! You've given our kids the gift of the love a wonderful lifetime sport. - Michael B.   New York, NY / Manhattan Beach, CA
Just 2 lessons, that's all it took to get my dad up and riding a waist high left! Super fun and good instruction, from pop up's to tube riding to power surfing to airs, professional instruction for everyone! - Malachy, M.   East Hampton, NY
I took my first lesson with Corey at 39. He has such an inspiring way of teaching. Most surf schools just want to push you into waves and move on to the next lesson. Corey and his team are just the opposite. They have 2 goals, be safe and have fun. All of which I still take with me every time I surf. I really learned a lot about the sport from him and I have been surfing ever since (now 42 years old). Do yourself a favor, surf with CoreysWave and thank me later. - Joey B.   New York, NY
My summer surfing with Corey in Montauk was life-changing. I feel like my experience learning to surf was much more fun and less frustrating than what I'd heard from others who started from scratch, and I know it was because of the instruction and encouragement I received from Corey and his amazing staff. By the end of the season, I was slaying it daily. I'd still be hitting the waves with Corey if I hadn't moved to California so I can surf year round! - Cristina B.   Los Angeles, CA
Corey has taught my sister, me and now my three kids all how to surf. That is a testament to what a range Corey and his team has- he can relate to adults all the way down to my five year old son. My daughter's favorite week of the year is her time with Corey in Montauk and has written countless school stories about her time in the water. Corey instructs patiently with humor and knowledge. Our family is lucky to have Corey teach us all! - Annie K.   St. Louis, MO
CoreysWave changed my life. I learned how to surf from the teachers at CoreysWave. They are the most fun, safe instructors ever. Now my young children are learning to surf. They are kind, funny, and compassionate. Bravo to CoreysWave. - Ivy S.   New York, NY
Corey's way to approach surf lessons is different than the common instructors out there. I tried many, about 5 different surf instructors in one year and I didn't move forward at all. I didn't just want to get pushed into a wave, I wanted to understand when, how, the right spot to be, etc. Corey talks to you, explains to you what we are going to do and takes the time to make sure you feel safe and absolutely comfortable. Here and there he tells a funny story or gives an example to assure you are having a good time and also learning. He tells you the right spot to be in on the board, to look at the waves coming to decide if that could be the one, to paddle and move around to be in the right spot, he answers your questions and is also great teaching kids. No doubt, he knows what he is doing! Thanks Corey! :) - Daura A.   Spain
I had an awesome experience learning how to surf from CoreysWave. Corey was super professional, and a great teacher, especially since it was my first time surfing. He was patient and took his time with me. Corey also makes it so fun. I would highly recommend CoreysWave to anyone who wants to learn surfing. Definitely going back to CoreysWave when I'm out in Montauk again. - Janet M.   Basking Ridge, NJ
Corey is the best. He is really good about making you feel comfortable in the water and it's more like surfing with a buddy rather than taking a lesson. He is a ripper and has good advice for all levels and ages. It is super motivating and fun surfing with him! - Dalma P.   San Diego, CA
CoreysWave was unbelievably professional and the best experience in the ocean I've ever had! Corey is the most patient instructor and made it a lot of fun, even though I am very uncoordinated and was intimidated by the waves. I will definitely go back again and refer my friends to this company! - Kristen E.   Alexandria , VA
Corey is the spirit of aloha! From his surf knowledge & waterman skills, to growing up under the tutelage of a super surfing family... His resume speaks for itself! I proudly recommend him regularly for providing top notch teaching & guidance. - Jeff M.   Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA
All those years, watching those surfers in Cali, wanting to do it like my best buds but never really learning - today - at 38, I caught my first waves standing (!) on a longboard - It was amazing. Thank you ocean. Thank you surf. Thank you AWESOME teacher - Corey Senese of CoreysWave Professional Surf Instruction, could not have done it without your brilliant teaching. - Denise P.   New York, NY / San Diego, CA
We did a private lesson for 4 with Gavin and Chris and had a wonderful time. We requested a few last minute changes, but Kristin was responsive to our e-mails at all hours and was able to accommodate us.The entire experience of setting up a lesson that was right for us was extremely easy. We booked a 90 minute lesson and all the members of our group who were interested were able to stand up, catch some rides, and had an excellent time. It was one of the highlights of a week on the east end and we're all planning on taking more lessons and continuing with surfing, which is a sign of how enjoyable the experience was. I would definitely recommend it for families spending time within a one hour drive. - Stephen D.   Savannah, GA
Everyone at CoreysWave is great. Not only have they taught me to surf and do it with a smile, they have become friends I look forward to seeing. - Dan E.   New York, NY
John was amazing, and his patience was really something special for such a horrible paddler (me). It was such a pleasure to meet you since I had been told only the most wonderful things about Corey and your team of instructors. - Adam   New York, NY
Thank you so much for a terrific experience... John and Chris were fantastic! We will definitely be back. The kids had a amazing time. They were exhausted for the rest of the day. We appreciate your patience, expertise and making it so much fun for all of us. - Laurie   New York, NY
My girlfriend and I recently tried surfing for the first time with Coreyswave, and had an awesome time! I had never touched a surf board before that day, and 30 minutes into the lesson, I was riding my first wave. John and Kristen were great teachers. They were immediately very fun and friendly, made for a really fun and comfortable lesson. They've really got a great lesson plan which gave us a pretty good idea of what we needed to do once we got in the water and on the board. They're paddling and riding alongside of you throughout the entire lesson, keeping you motivated and giving you instruction which helped both my girlfriend and I to ride several waves on day-one. Several other Coreyswave instructors were out surfing and giving lessons, and they were quick to cheer you on, help you out, or give you some pointers. We really had a great time and accomplished a lot more then I thought we would in one lesson. It's easy to understand why Coreyswave is one of the most recognized and top-rated surf schools in the country. Easy reservations, great communication and coordination, outstanding instructors - a 100% authentic surf experience. Hoping to be back for more next year. - Steve M.   Hopewell Junction, NY
1st surf lesson at age 52! My instructor Kevin was high energy, friendly and stressed safety during our sand session and gave me some great tips throughout the lesson. I felt very comfortable entering the water. with him. There were multiple Corey's Wave instructors in the water and I have to say that the communication between them was fantastic and definitely helped me. After a few pathetic wipe-outs I caught some waves and WOW! what a feeling. To ride a wave in such a beautiful location was awesome. I had a great experience and I'm stoked for the next lesson. Met Corey on the beach after my lesson. Really a great guy with a very professional staff. NatGeo rated Corey's Wave as one of the Top Surfing Schools. If you stay at Montauk Manor they have beach passes available so you can park your POV right at Ditch Plains. They also have a shuttle that will take you there and back. - Robert R.   Brooklyn, NY
My son started surfing with the crew at CoreysWave when he was 10. he has been coming back each summer, this his 5th year. Corey and his staff are beyond skilled, patient, and hands down the best teachers. They LOVE what they do and and instill that in their students. My son is hooked! - Donna G.   Armonk, NY
We just did a private lesson last Friday with Chris. I've had four lessons at different companies and this was the best of them all. He tailored his instruction to me and my friend's level of experience which allowed for maximum time to catch waves and refine technique. He also didn't stop at just the basics but gave us tips we could take with us as we improve. If you want a great lesson and are looking for that extra bit of attention, then hit CoreysWave and ask for Chris. - Chris H.   Brooklyn, NY
I was part of a group of four with Chris and Gavin as our instructors. This was my first time and both Chris and Gavin were friendly and positive. They have an excellent teaching method and made it easier than I thought it would be to get out and try to surf. Thanks to both those guys I was able to catch and ride a wave on my third try! The experience was awesome! I would highly recommend taking lessons here. I will be back. - Brian H.   Youngstown, OH
These guys are unlike anyone I've ever taken a sports-related lesson with. They're of a totally different caliber. They make sure you have the best possible set of conditions (waves, board/gear, and instructor) tailored to what you need to have an incredible lesson. I learned more in an hour and a half with this crew, than I have taking lessons anywhere else over the years. - Allison W.   New York, NY
When we asked our two little girls what their favorite part of last year was, they both said surfing with Corey! - Michael G.   Montauk, NY
I just wanted to say thank you for providing surf lessons for the local kids at an affordable price. The kids really enjoyed it! Jen - Jen   Montauk, NY
The boys went to bed and fell asleep with smiles and dreaming of hitting the waves again. They are hooked. They woke up asking for more. It was an amazing day for our family and most of all for our twin boys to share this amazing day of walking on water. Corey, to see Leo stand with you today tears just flowed down my face of pure joy and amazement. In the ride back home to the city Leo said, “When will we see Corey again?” Words cannot express what is in my heart. Again much love and thank you for opening up another world of nature. - Stacey B.   New York, NY
We had a lot of fun on Saturday! It was great to experience the surf in Montauk different from the beach break that I am used to. Erik was really helpful in critiquing and his energy was super! I would love to come out there and take more lessons soon! - Noriko K.   New York, NY
My experience in Montauk was made more special for having met you and your whole crew of warm, committed teachers. It’s incredible how you all radiate an infectious enthusiasm for the ocean. The beach is lucky to have you guys! You’ve made me feel at home here and hopefully when I return, I will stun you with my progress! - Martha R.   Miami, FL
I am the Program Director for C/I, a New York City non-profit that teaches coding and computer science to diverse low-income high schools. We take our best students on trips to Montauk during the summer to present their mobile applications and complete leadership activities in the outdoors. Our students come from low-income households, most of them from the poorest Congressional District in the United States located in the Bronx. Last summer, our students were fortunate enough to learn how to surf with CoreysWave Professional Surf Instruction as a pro-bono effort to reach out to low-income members of the community. Our students had an amazing experience with Corey, Kristin, and their team of professional surf instructors. One student, Samuel Perez, said “I got really good at surfing because of the cool instructors at CoreysWave, who kept giving me great advice and wouldn’t let me give up.” Exposing our students to new and meaningful experiences is always beneficial, and working with a professional surf school like CoreysWave helped to instill confidence and leadership in our students. CoreysWave instructors truly care about giving back to low-income youth in the community and they demonstrated extreme professionalism and care while interacting with our students. CoreysWave instructors displayed a great passion for engaging our students that we truly admire, and each of the surf instructors clearly have safety in mind while creating a positive environment for kids. We were impressed with the minimal impact that CoreysWave’s activities have on the beach and ocean and with the respect that their instructors and staff show to the public community. I know that Corey and Kristin each have deep respect for Ditch Plains and the surrounding neighborhood and that they are committed to providing valuable recreational experiences in surfing that support customers and low-income students alike. Tom O’Connell - Tom O.   Bronx, NY
For the past 4 years we have been fortunate enough to send our kids to CoreysWave for surf lessons. We would trust no other people to teach our children. Every one of the instructors at CoreysWave has taught my children at one point or another, and they are all respectful, trustworthy, and kind people with good values and strong ethics. My children love to surf, love the beach, and love the life that it has built for them and we owe a large portion of that to the people involved with CoreysWave. - Evan P.   Montauk, NY
CoreysWave has been amazing with both of our young sons. Not just teaching them a love of surfing, but, a respect for the ocean and overall water safety. The instructors and staff are hard-working, courteous people and have been great role models for our boys. - Bobby A.   Montauk, NY
Huge thanks for these wonderful days of surfing! As always, a total pleasure hanging out with you and learning the mysteries of the waves. An enigma that definitely kicked my butt this morning, and a reminder of needing more presence in the moment. It has been an exquisite pleasure learning the language of surfing and waves with you. Thank you for your patience and generosity in sharing your virtuosic knowledge. It feels like I found a place where my many loves converge with lots of space to continue learning the mysteries of surfing magic. The days were total magic and a perfect break before the end of semester storm of deadlines. Not to overstate, but working with you all has been amazing. My son was over the moon about hanging out with Erik. So again, thank you. Dreaming about how to return soon. - Jennifer J.   Brooklyn, NY
Thanks so much again! Katie was awesome. She really made me feel so comfortable and gave me some great tips for getting started. I just really wanted to say thanks. You guys rock. Meghan L. - Meghan L.   New York, NY
The CoreysWave extended family means so very, very much to me. You have no idea how happy it makes me to see you all every day at the beach and to know you all as well as I feel that I do. - Lisa M.   Westchester, NY
I wanted to say thank you to you and your team. I'd never surfed before and even though it was incredibly tough, it was awesomely exhilarating and rewarding. Thanks to Kevin too who was super patient with me and encouraging. Can't wait to get back out there! - James D.   San Francisco, CA
We just wanted to give a shout out to Gavin. He was our instructor both last year and this year and we loved him both times! He probably gets kudos from all his students, but we just wanted to add ours to the chorus. - Jenn D. & Freya D.   Long Island, NY