• Bathing suit
    • Several towels
    • Change of warm clothes
    • Sweatshirts, pants, jacket, hat, gloves
    • Sun block
    • Surfboard
    • Winter wetsuit gear for most sizes (fee may apply)
    • Surf booties, gloves, & hoods

CoreysWave has a 48-HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY. We have limited surf spots available per hour, so please do not schedule if you are not confident you can attend. ... read more

CoreysWave Cancellation Policy

CoreysWave has a 48-HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY. We have limited surf spots available per hour, so please do not schedule if you are not confident you can attend. Any reservations cancelled 48 hours prior to the reserved appointment time shall not be charged to the reservation credit card. Reservations cancelled within 48 hours of the reserved appointment time will be charged to the reservation credit card at 100% of the cost of the service. CoreysWave reserves the right to cancel lessons in the event of surf and weather conditions which, in its judgment, might pose a danger to clients. In such cases, clients’ credit cards shall not be charged for the cancelled lesson. CoreysWave will cancel lessons for any conditions that are unsuitable for surf lessons, including unsuitable surf conditions, strong winds, thunder and lightning, heavy rain, rip currents. If CoreysWave has deemed surf and weather conditions appropriate for learning on a given day, the lesson remains as scheduled. Late lessons begin at the scheduled time. Students who arrive to their lesson late will use the remaining time for their allotted appointment. Emergency situations may be given consideration. Payment is due at the start of the lesson. Venmo and Zelle payments are appreciated.

Uncover the Mysticism of Winter Surfing


You've seen the photos on Instagram--the empty waters and the solemn serenity of peeling, perfect waves against an empty beach. Social media is not deluding you—surfing in the winter is just as enigmatic and awe-inspiring as it seems. Even when Team CoreysWave has dipped out for break from winter, they will move mountains (read: they will literally cross oceans, book flights, drive for 6+ hours, wake up at 4am, rinse/repeat, etc.) in order to not miss a good winter surf session.


There is just nothing quite like surfing your favorite Long Island surf break in the off season when the crowds have fled back to NYC and the surf quality is an A+. Take the opportunity to level up in your surfing by doing so with a fraction of the summer crowd and that many more waves to yourself.


Be brave! Winter surfing is not for the faint of heart and takes more effort and dedication to suit up and score. But you will be surprised to find how warm you can feel in good winter wetsuit gear. Rise to the challenge and embrace the reward.


We reiterate: There is nothing compared to placing yourself amongst the scenic backdrop of winter surfing. It is something akin to magic.


Suit up and immerse yourself in a winter surf session with your favorite Team CoreysWave instructors. We eagerly await these sessions and invite you to join us.


Surfboards and winter wetsuit gear provided.



NOTE: Be Safe! If you are not experienced in surfing in cold water—do not go out without an experienced buddy! There are hazards inherent to cold water surfing that take experience to approach safely. Contact us first!