• Bathing suit
    • Sun block
    • Towel
    • Change of clothes


    • Surfboards
    • Wetsuits
    • All other surf equipment
    • Sweet'tauk lemonade

Reservations must be made with a major credit card 24 hours prior to reservation appointment time, however last minute reservations will be accommodated if ... read more

CoreysWave Cancellation Policy

Reservations must be made with a major credit card 24 hours prior to reservation appointment time, however last minute reservations will be accommodated if possible. Any reservations cancelled 24 hours prior to the reserved appointment time shall not be charged to the reservation credit card. Reservations cancelled within 24 hours of the reserved appointment time will be charged to the reservation credit card unless the client presents evidence of a valid reason for cancellation of the appointment. Any such evidence will be reviewed by CoreysWave to determine whether the reservation credit card shall be charged.

Lessons begin at the scheduled time. Students who arrive to their lesson late will use the remaining time for their allotted appointment. Emergency situations are respected.

CoreysWave reserves the right to cancel lessons in the event of surf and weather conditions which, in its judgment, might pose a danger to clients. In such cases, clients' credit cards shall not be charged for the cancelled lesson. CoreysWave will cancel lessons for any conditions that are unsuitable for surf lessons, including big/rough surf, strong winds, thunder and lightning, heavy rain, rip currents, flat surf. If CoreysWave has deemed surf and weather conditions appropriate for learning on a given day, the lesson remains as scheduled.

Payment for lessons is due at the start of the lesson.

Kids' Surf Academy


Sponsored by Sweet'tauk Lemonade :)


The Kids' Surf Academy is a semi-private group lesson especially designed to get kids stoked on surfing. Kids get more time in the Kids' Surf Academy than in surf lessons, learning different surfing techniques, trying different surfing styles (i.e., stand-up paddle surfing), learning from other kids and different instructors, and learning about ocean safety, surf etiquette and environmental awareness. The idea behind the Kids' Surf Academy is to get kids stoked on surfing!


The Kids' Surf Academy lessons and activities include surfing, body boarding, body surfing, beach games, and stand-up paddle boarding. Kids ages 7-16 can register for our daily (weekday) Kids' Surf Academy and learn essential ocean safety knowledge while learning basic skills on their first day! More advanced students will improve faster with the aid of our professional surf instructors.


Kids' first experiences with the ocean will shape their attitude towards it for the rest of their lives. It's important to get your kid off to a fun and safe start. Kids will learn respect for the ocean and the environment in a positive, organized, group setting. They will make new friends, receive personalized attention and develop a connection with the ocean that they will always remember. Our staff of professional surf instructors will take kids to the next level while creating new interests in protecting our coastal ecosystems.