Corey is renowned as a top surf trainer and instructor. Corey's extensive knowledge of the surf and ocean provides him with the ability to make quick decisions in physically intensive situations, as well as to make difficult judgments when surf conditions become unfavorable. Corey has over a decade of experience as a surf instructor, and has taught students across the globe.

Our students prefer us to other instructors because we deliver results and provide quality instruction while ensuring that our students are safe, comfortable and stoked in the water.

Corey Senese grew up on the beaches of Southern California, surfing every break from Trestles to La Jolla. The son of a surfing father who had come to North County San Diego from Long Island in the early '70's, Corey was exposed to surfing as an infant and was standing on a board solo at the age of 5. Growing up in the North County hotbed of radical performance surfing, he showed talent at an early age and had the potential for a track to a professional surfing career. But contest surfing never really appealed to him. Surrounded by surfing family and friends, Corey learned valuable lessons from his teachers about the ocean, waves and Mother Earth that would give him a deep appreciation for the magic and mystery of surfing and an awareness of how fragile this environment was that gave people such joy.

Although he was 'born and bred' a SoCal beachboy, Corey has spent some part of every year of his life 3000 miles east at the end of Long Island in Montauk. It seems that you could take the Senese family out of Montauk, but never take Montauk out of the Senese's. So every summer, Corey and his family would return to the beautiful beaches of the East End. It was on the friendly but fickle waves of the break at Ditch Plains that Corey learned to apply his talents as a short boarder to the longer boards needed to maneuver around the crowds that flocked to Ditch Plains. It wasn't long before he discovered stand-up paddle surfing, which he quickly mastered and came to appreciate for its versatility. It turns out that Corey is an every-board surfer and sometimes the best board to surf is no board at all!

Meanwhile, the popularity of surfing was exploding with many tourists craving the surfing lifestyle. At the urging of his family and friends, Corey began informally teaching visitors who were struggling with surfing on their own. Eventually he was asked to teach a group of boys who came to love surfing. Corey taught the family everyday for a month and became close friends with these students as he does with most of his clients. To his surprise, he discovered that he had a knack for communicating not only the techniques needed to balance on a thin piece of fiberglass while slicing along on a moving wall of water, but also the lessons he had learned as a young grom about the place of surfers and surfing in the ecosystem of Planet Earth and the need to protect the environment that made surfing possible. He had so much fun teaching these students and found it satisfying to encourage their progress as surfers. This motivated Corey to find more students and continue to pass on the surfing philosophy he grew up with. Now Corey teaches students of all ages and physical ability, and has designed techniques to help individuals develop confidence and skill in surfing.

Most importantly, Corey teaches his students that surfing is FUN! Corey gets people hooked on the positive energy of surfing and helps them connect that joy to their lives. There's no better therapy than an epic surf session. Of course, Corey's students are guaranteed to get a great physical workout too—an element of Corey’s instruction that he has transformed into surf-inspired personal training both on-land and in the water.

Corey does what he does because seeing people get turned on by surfing is almost as gratifying as surfing itself. Sharing his love of surfing and helping people to create new, unforgettable experiences is invaluable to him as an instructor. To help other people feel the kind of life-high one gets from surfing is more rewarding than anyone can imagine.