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Improve your surfing skills exponentially by surfing in global destinations with CoreysWave. We've done the research, we've vetted the locations, now join us and reap the benefits of our surf experience globally.


LIVE IN 2022: Join CoreysWave on location in California, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico and more! Contact Kristin for more information on package pricing and custom surf experiences.


Surf the tropics with CW instructors this December! Book packages & custom surf experiences now!

  Head to Northwest Puerto Rico to surf with one of our CoreysWave instructors in tropical, blue-green water THIS fall through spring season!

 CoreysWave is LIVE on location in California throughout the year in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara. Enhance your work trip to the West Coast by surfing with your favorite CoreysWave instructors. We are on location throughout California and ready to meet you. Don't forget your full wetsuit!

 Surf accessible and unpopulated waters with CoreysWave. Book a quick surf trip to Mainland and Baja Mexico

►  Don't forget, CoreysWave can guide you to global surf spots in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Tortola, Hawaii, Peru, New Zealand, Bali and more. 



Most people take vacations based on visiting an amusement park or beautiful scenery. Surfers take vacations based solely on surfing, and surfers like to think they surf at some of the most beautiful places on earth. After a summer of surfing, you might find a whole winter without it is almost unbearable. For those of you who are tired of the regular vacation or in need to get away, ask us what kind of surf-inspired getaways we have in mind.


For some, the best surf vacation is the easiest one. This type of surf trip includes non-stop flights, no jet lag, maybe not even currency exchange. The fastest way to get to warm water with a likely chance of good surf is a slightly extended weekend and a 3 hour plane ride. Bring the family too, most people have no idea how easy a quick trip to the Caribbean can be and how quickly they can get into fun surf.


Discover perfection at the most beautiful surf destinations in the world. Choose a surf destination, and the odds are that Corey, or one of our instructors has been there or is already there! If you would like to have an instructor accompany you on surf trip please contact us for more information.



Click on the camera icon markers for photos of surf trips we've taken at these locations. Surf travel is available to any location on the map. OR.. YOU NAME THE SPOT. WE'LL GO THERE!