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Stoke for the Surf Starved


Hey aggro there and welcome to the CoreysWave surf blog, the refuge for the surf starved who sometimes have to be surf stoked. It’s a place where you can get your fix for sand, surf and story even if you’re dry, dressed and stuck at a desk. No matter if you’re in an Uber, a plane, a train, or sitting on a couch, and the crave to be on the beach with friendly faces, good waves and someone to talk surfing with for hours on end hits you, we are here to keep that beach buzz by your side.


If you want to brush up on your technical skills and strategy we’ve got you covered in “Getting Technical”. Feeling like losing yourself in an experience? Get lost in one of our Surf Sagas. And if you’re craving something a little more lofty but still salty, then get connected to culture in our “Surfisticated” section. The blog is arranged into this trifecta to make it easy to navigate and to keep the surf food fresh and tasty for anyone fiending for some good, old, organic, oceanic excellence.


The whale’s weight of the words will be provided by yours truly but everything is a reflection of, or a spotlight on, the varied talents and tales of Team CoreysWave. From group trips to exotic locales, to solo sessions scoring at home, to each individual’s personal pointers, to the art, fashion and fun that surrounds the CoreysWave lifestyle, this blog is a wellspring of liquid living that draws from every corner of our seven seas.


Every member of the team will be contributing content at random as well as the occasional guest contributor, so look forward to variety. Tom’s frothing to talk about ripping, Chris is giving seminars on keeping things smooth, Gavin’s going to show you how to bag the best beast of the day, and the Brady ladies have tricks on how to get to the nose and keep it classy. And of course look for a few final words, expert examples and moments of mastery from the tube tamer himself, Corey Senese.   


No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you’re still connected to the creativity, the comradery and the daily celebration that is surf life. So you’ve got a job, a house, kids or some semblance of a real life. No worries. We are your instant internet escape to the world of waves and everything that surrounds it. So go ahead, get hungry for surf stuff. We’ve got the goods to feed your need. 

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